The Bamboo Bike Project is a project by Scientists and Engineers at The Earth Institute, Columbia University, and aims to examine the feasibility of implementing bicycles made of bamboo as a sustainable form of transportation in Africa.


Seed funding for the Bamboo Bike Project has been provided by:

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The ultimate goals of the project are:

  1. 1.To build a better bike for poor Africans in rural areas.

  2. 2.To stimulate a bicycle building industry in Africa to satisfy local needs.

We have determined that it is possible to source the material and supplies necessary to build bamboo bicycle in Africa, and train the local people to build the bikes. Our current focuses are:

  1. 1.To setup systematic bamboo bike building training.

  2. 2.To setup a supply chain of necessary parts and supplies.

  3. 3.To scale the effort so that it makes an impact.